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Anuj Bindal

Industrial Sales Manager

Previous Experience

8 years



Anuj Bindal loves to explore and is interested in traveling, good food, trekking, and music. He loves sci-fi and non-fiction. He describes himself as disciplined, charming, and enthusiastic. Someday he wants to be well-known globally and yet lead a simple life with family. He is interested in exploring the Himalayas, Himachal, Churdhar, and Kedarnath. What intrigues him most is healthy living, driving around, beaches, and the Himalayas.


Tell us about the top three things on your bucket list.

Learn to play Guitar - Trek to Churdhar in Himachal - Trip to Kedarnath with Parents

What are your hobbies?

Watch Sci-fi movies -Reading fiction

What are you passionate about?

Traveling and Food

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